Easy Ways to Get More Leads from Your Website – #1 – Clarify Your Headline

April 13, 2020 | Weekly Marketing Tip

Your website is one of your most important marketing tools. But most websites aren’t winning as many leads and customers as they should.

Learn about simple changes you can make to your site to win more leads and more customers. This is the first of six videos.

The full transcript is below the video.

Video Transcript

– Your website is one of the most important marketing tools that you have, so you want to get it right. Hi, I’m Steve Phipps and this is the daily marketing tip from Wayfind Marketing. This the first of six website tips – things that you can do to improve your website, so you can win more leads and get more customers. The first thing I want to encourage you is think about your customer as the hero of the story. You want to make sure that everything you do is focused on them and how you make their life better, how you solve their problem.

Now, today, the thing I want to focus on is what do people see when they first get to your website? The reality is you’ve got maybe about eight seconds to answer three questions when somebody gets to your site. What do you do, why does it matter to me and what do I do next?

So, here’s the tip. Focus on answering those three questions with a clear headline. When somebody gets to your website, you want them to see something right away. It helps them understand the value of what you do. Make sure you follow it up with a supporting headline, supporting statement under the headline, rather and you want that to explain what you do. This is not the time, the place to be clever and witty. Don’t worry about being memorable. Be clear and then have a clear call to action.

What’s the next step you want them to take in the process? And, in doing so, you can answer those three questions. What do you do, why does it matter to me and what do I do next? When you can clearly answer that, you’re going to keep more people on your website and it’s going to give you the opportunity to win more business.


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