4 Ways to Use One Piece of Marketing Content

September 16, 2020 | Weekly Marketing Tip

Creating great marketing content like blogs and social media takes time and energy, both of which are always in high demand. So you should get as much traction from your content as possible. However, many of the marketers I talk to aren’t leveraging their content as much as they could be.

In this week’s marketing tip, I share four ways that you can leverage one piece of marketing content, so you get greater reach.

What other suggestions do you have for repurposing your marketing content?

Full transcript below.

Full Transcript

Creating content can feel intimidating sometimes. And one of the reasons why is because it takes time. If you’re going to spend time creating content for marketing, you want to get as much use out of it as you can. But sometimes people don’t realize all the different ways that you could use content. And so today I’m going to show you four different ways that you can use one piece of marketing content. My name is Steve Phipps, and this is your weekly marketing tip from Wayfind Marketing.

Now I’m going to give you an object lesson here. So this is called a buff. And this is something that a lot of backpackers use, hikers, runners, bikers, and it’s this piece of cloth that can be used four different ways. So I’m just going to show you very quickly. This is something that I used when I was a backpacking last month, ’cause you want your gear to serve as many purposes as possible, just like you want your content to serve in as many ways as possible. So one of the ways to use this is as a beanie. And so it just covers your ears. So on the trail, that’s helpful, especially if it’s cold, because it helps keep your head warm. Now this is really just a long piece of cloth. So if you think about your content, really your content, you want it to be flexible. And so another way that you can use this is as a headband, you can also use it as a neckerchief. And one of the ways that we used it a lot as we came around, people was, especially now, is as a mask.

And so with your content, think about it the same way. If you create a piece of content, how can you use it? Well, there’s four ways. Number one, create a video. Why video? Well, one, because more and more people are watching video. The amount of videos being watched daily, and moment by moment is just insane. And so if you want to reach people, video’s a great way to do it.

Number two, take that video and turn it into a blog post. Transcribe it. Use that as the basis.

Once you create the blog post, create social media from that. From a blog post, you know, ideally, you know, do it like a thousand words for a blog post. If you don’t have time, that’s fine. Do 500 words, do 400 words. Just make it good, make it something people want to read. So create social media (“social moody,” I don’t know what that is!) social media posts from that. Three, four posts, schedule them out over the course of weeks and months, to help stretch that content.

And then number four, send it out by email. If you have an email list, great, use it. Communicate with people on a regular basis, information that’s helpful, useful, informative.

So there you’ve got it. Create a video, turn that into a blog post, create social content from that blog post, use the video in the social content. And then use an email, send people to your blog post, which has the video. And so that’s just a simple way and there are more ways, it’s not just that, there are other ways that you can use and repurpose that content, but that gives you something for today. Four ways: video, blog, social media, email. So that way you can stretch your marketing reach and influence further while minimizing the amount of time that you’re spending creating content. Hope you find that helpful.


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