AI-Powered Search Engines Are Changing the SEO Game

April 6, 2024 | AI, Content Marketing, SEO

In the constantly evolving digital world, AI-powered search engines are revolutionizing how we search online. This transformation goes beyond technological advancements—it’s reshaping the way users interact with the web. For savvy business owners, grasping how AI-driven search works is more than essential; it’s the key to ensuring potential customers can find your business online. 

Check out this video to see exactly how AI-powered search engines are changing SEO. 

How AI is Redefining Search Engine Results

With AI’s integration into search engines like Google and Bing, we’re witnessing a paradigm shift in search results. Gone are the days when searches yielded a simple list of websites ranked by SEO strategies. AI-powered search engines bring a nuanced, conversation-like quality to search. Innovations like Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) and Bing’s Copilot mark a new age where AI-generated summaries and direct query responses are becoming mainstream.

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The Shift to Fewer Website Visits: What It Means

A significant ripple effect of AI’s role in search is the decreasing necessity for users to visit websites directly. The rise of “zero-click searches”—where search results themselves provide the needed answers—is altering the digital landscape. This change calls for a fresh approach to content creation and SEO, focusing on visibility in search engine summaries rather than just driving website traffic.

Experts believe that most websites will see at least a 20-25 percent decline in organic web traffic, and some websites may take up to a 60 percent hit! Before you panic, understand that most of this “lost traffic” is typically not qualified traffic. But a hit is still a hit, and you don’t have to take this lying down. 

AI-powered Search Engines Love Question-First Content

As searches become more extended and conversational, producing question-focused content is increasingly vital. AI-powered search engines give priority to content that straightforwardly answers user’s questions. Therefore, businesses must develop content that is not only informative but also structured to answer questions in a clear, concise manner. This trend towards a more dialogue-oriented search experience underscores the necessity for businesses to evolve their content strategies to stay relevant in AI-generated search results.

Adapting to Zero-Click Searches and Answer Engine Optimization

In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI-powered search, the concepts of zero-click search and Answer Engine Optimization (AEO) have emerged as key elements for digital success. Zero-click searches, where users get their answers straight from the search results page without needing to click through to a website, are becoming increasingly prevalent. This trend signifies a significant shift from traditional search behaviors and demands a shift in content marketing strategy.

AEO emphasizes the importance of creating content that anticipates and directly responds to users’ potential questions. We use the “They Ask, You Answer” framework to coach our clients to write question-focused website content that their customers find helpful and actionable. If your website’s content does this, you can position your business as the primary source of information, appeasing the requirements of AI-powered search engines in these zero-click search scenarios.

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Keywords Alone Are Not Enough

Keeping in step with the AI trend of conversational search experiences, AEO demands a deeper insight into how people phrase their searches. Moving away from the old keyword-focused approach, people now tend to frame their searches as questions, which means businesses must reframe their content strategies in the context of conversational tones rather than peppering the right keywords throughout a post.

It’s not just about including the right keywords anymore; it’s also about providing clear, direct answers to the types of questions their audience is asking. Doing this effectively can greatly improve their online presence and relevance in a search world dominated by AI.

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