Clarify Your Marketing Message – How to Find Out What Your Customer Needs Today

April 8, 2020 | Weekly Marketing Tip

What can you do to communicate clearly and compellingly with your customers, prospects, or donor? It’s more important than ever that we eliminate any confusion from our marketing message. Otherwise, our words and content will get lost in the sea of emails and dinging and buzzing notifications.

Start by making sure you know what your customer needs. Watch the video below for one thing you can do today (the transcript is below the video).

And keep an eye out for tomorrow’s daily marketing tip. I’ll talk about why story is such an effective way to capture our audience’s attention.

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Here’s the transcript from today’s daily tip:

How can we communicate clearly and effectively to our clients and our donors, especially in the season that we’re in? Hi, I’m Steve Phipps, and I wanna share with you a daily marketing tip from Wayfind Marketing. The reasons why I’m asking these questions is because right now communicating with clarity is absolutely crucial. And the first step to communicating clearly is understanding what your customer needs right now. What they needed three weeks ago, four weeks ago may look a lot different than what it looks like today. And there’s a good chance that your product or service can help make life better, can help solve a problem, especially for folks that are in survival mode. But it’s gotta start with a conversation, so if you haven’t already done this, pick up the phone, reach out to some of your clients, reach out to some of your donors if you lead a non-profit and just ask some simple questions. Find out, hey, what’s the biggest pain that you’re experiencing right now? What’s the biggest challenge? And if what you offer can help solve that pain, fantastic. If maybe their pain is in an area that you don’t service or that you can’t help with directly, maybe you can connect them to someone who can help. Now the other thing I’ll mention to you is the things that we do now can also put us in a better position when things start to bounce back. So this is important not only for now, but in the weeks and months ahead. Thanks for a minute of your time. If you found this helpful, please share, and keep an eye out for our next video tomorrow, and we’ll talk a little bit more about story and the structure of story and how that can help us communicate clearly. Thanks a lot.


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