Easy Ways to Get More Leads from Your Website – #2 – Use Great Images

April 14, 2020 | Weekly Marketing Tip

The wrong images on your website can cost you business. The right images can help you win more customers. Steve shares insight about the types of images that work best.

This is part two of six videos outlining easy changes you can make to your site to win more leads and more customers.

Full Transcript

When people get to your website, what is the first thing that they see? Hi, I’m Steve Phipps, and this is your daily marketing tip from Wayfind Marketing.

The images on your website, the graphics, the icons, they are tremendously important. Right now, we are accustomed to seeing lots of images, whether it’s on websites or social media, think about it. Think about what you look at on a daily basis. You’re going to see thousands of images over the course of a day or the course of several days. Think about Facebook, Instagram, and websites. So, the images on your website absolutely matter. You want them to tell a clear, compelling story.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s video, there are three questions people ask when they get to your website. What do you do? Why does it matter? What do I do next? Well, your images need to reinforce that, they need to tell a clear story. So, if you have images of your trucks, your building, plastered all over your home page, that’s probably not going to win you much business. Now, there are exceptions, depending on the product or service that you offer, but really, you want images that tell a story, that put your customer, that put your prospect as the hero.

So, for instance, when somebody gets to your website, you want to have a picture that helps them envision what success looks like. If I work with you, if I become your customer, what does life look like? How does, how do you help solve my problem? So show pictures clients, of happy, smiley people, things that show success. For instance, we work with an orthodontist, and so we’ve got pictures of smiling people, showing their bright smiles on the homepage, because that’s what success looks like. So, the tip of the day, use great images, tell a good story, and you’re going to win more business.


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