Easy Ways to Get More Leads from Your Website – #5 – Clearly Explain the Process

April 17, 2020 | Weekly Marketing Tip

Make it easy for your customers and prospects and they’ll do more business with you. Lay out the steps someone needs to take to do business with you. This builds trust and helps them take the next step forward. Watch today’s video to discover more.

Full transcript below.

Full Transcript

When somebody is on your website and they’re considering your product, your service, how do they know what they need to do next?

Hi, my name is Steve Phipps, and this is your daily marketing tip from Wayfind Marketing. Now, this is the fifth video in a series of six, and the first four videos, we’ve walked through how to clarify your message, how to establish your authority, how to help people know that you can solve their problems. So by now, at this point, you’ve begun implementing what we’ve been recommending. People are now getting to the point where they want to know what comes next? What does the process look like?

Today’s tip is to create a plan, just a simple, three-step plan that helps people understand what comes next. What does the process look like? Now, this may seem super simple, and it really is, but this can be very valuable in helping show that you’re a guide, that you are outlining the steps. You’re eliminating mystery, even if the steps seem obvious.

Now, I want to show you a quick example of what I mean by this. This is the StoryBrand.com website. Now, I’m a StoryBrand guide, so if you’re familiar with this platform, we use this with our clients. And so one of the pieces that you see here, this is for a messaging workshop that these guys do which is fantastic, is three things. Number one, register for the workshop, watch from home, and then get clarity and inspiration. So, this is not rocket science. This is simple. It’s clear. But again, it outlines what comes next.

So, when you begin implementing these recommendations, these six things that we’re giving to you, these things, especially in combination, really put you in a position to start winning more business because you’re giving clarity, and you’re positioning yourself as a guide in the story as opposed to the hero of the story. So, put together the plan, and you’re going to start seeing more business.


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