Easy Ways to Get More Leads from Your Website – #6 – Ask for the Business

April 20, 2020 | Weekly Marketing Tip

Most websites do a bad job of this one thing, and it’s costing them business. Watch today’s daily marketing tip to learn a simple change that can help you turn more site visitors into leads and customers.

Full transcript below.

Full Transcript

There’s one simple thing that you can do to win more business through your website.

Hi, my name is Steve Phipps and this is your daily marketing tip from Wayfind Marketing. Now this is part six of the six part series of six things, six fixes for your website to win more customers and this final one is what we call invite.

Now what you want to do is invite your customer to take, or I should say your prospect, hopefully they’ll be your customer—invite them to take the next step in the process. This is what we call a direct call to action. So this is the tip. Add a clear, direct call to action to your website and repeat it multiple times. Put it in the navigation bar, top right, put it in your main hero image as a button underneath of your headline, sprinkle it throughout the homepage, put it on other pages. And here’s an example of a good, direct call to action. Schedule a call, book an appointment. These are clear. Somebody knows what’s going to happen when they click on that button, they’re going to go to a form to book a call or schedule an appointment. If you have a product and you’re selling it could be buy now and you want it to be clear, you want it to be specific. Avoid generic calls to action. Stay away from “contact us.” That’s not a call to action. That’s on every website that’s been built since 2005. So you want it to be clear and don’t use four different calls to action on your home page, you’re going to confuse people and you want to use the same verbiage. Sprinkle it throughout.

I’ll give you just a very quick example of this from one of our client websites. You can see here when you get to the homepage we have a clear call to action, we’ve got this clear call to action in the top right and then we’ve got it here and it’s a contrasting color so it stands out and somebody is going to know what’s going to happen. If I click this it’s because I’m going to schedule a call.

So add that to your website, do this in combination with the previous five recommendations and you are going to start winning more business through your website because your story is clear, people understand how you can solve their problem and they know what to do next.

So hope you’ve enjoyed this series, please share it. If you would like to learn more go to wayfindmarketing.com, scroll to the bottom of the homepage, and we actually have a guide, we have a pdf that you can download that includes a lot more information for each of these six recommendations so that you can start making these fixes and start winning more business.


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