Ep. 18: How to Move Your Prospects from Know, to Like, to Trust.

June 12, 2020 | Marketing, Wayfind Marketing Live

Do you know what it takes to move prospects from know, to like, to trust? Marketing isn’t just about making sales and closing deals. It’s about building trust-based relationships and that can take time. If we’re only focused on selling we run the risk of losing credibility and trust with our customers which may unintentionally damage the relationships we’re working so hard to build.

In this episode of Wayfind Marketing Live, we are diving into part two of our series on how to create a one-page marketing plan. We give you actionable ways to build trust and loyalty between you and your customers and talk about why both time and timing matter, how to communicate intentionally and with empathy through each stage of the buyer’s journey, and how to turn new customers into loyal, raving fans.

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Wayfind Marketing Live is hosted by Steve Phipps and AnnieLaurie Walters. Steve is the founder and president of Wayfind Marketing and a StoryBrand Certified Guide. He shares his years of experience guiding business owners by sharing simple and practical marketing tips and stories that will help you grow your business. AnnieLaurie brings her communications and PR experience to offer additional insights into how you can communicate more clearly and win more customers.

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