Ep. 30 – Finding Opportunity in the Midst of a Pandemic

September 25, 2020 | Wayfind Marketing Live

A lot of people are ready to throw in the towel on 2020, and understandably so. No one would argue that this year has not gone as planned for anyone. But what if some of these unexpected detours could actually become pathways to profitability? It takes a great deal of optimism and courage to take the road less traveled, but we know a team of entrepreneurs who did just that. Despite the pandemic, they saw an opportunity, counted the cost, took the risk, and their businesses—and their lives—are better for it. And best of all, they’re making other people’s lives better, too.

In this episode of Wayfind Marketing Live, Trey Stafford and Bob Willumsen of 217 Solutions share the lessons they’ve learned that you can apply to your business as we all look to make the most of an otherwise difficult year.

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