How to Use a One Liner to Answer the Question, “What Do You Do?”

April 10, 2020 | Weekly Marketing Tip

Here’s a simple (and powerful) way to answer the question “What do you do?” that leads to greater clarity and more business. Don’t worry, I won’t share this with your competitors. 🙂

The transcript is below.

Video Transcript

– I want you to think about a time when you were at a networking event, maybe it was your kid’s baseball game, and you asked somebody what do you do? And the answer you got back, man, it was probably overwhelming. Maybe the person was telling you everything that they do. Maybe they were explaining it in a way that just made absolutely no sense. Hey, I’m Steve Phipps, and this is the daily marketing tip from Wayfind Marketing. Now that one simple question, what do you do? That is such a powerful question, and it’s one that we get asked all the time. Whether face to face or when somebody is on your website, they’re asking that question about you, your business, your brand, your products and services. And I want to give you some guidance on how you can answer that question quickly, effectively, and compellingly. We call it the one liner. Now if you’re familiar with “StoryBrand,” you’ve read that book, then this may sound familiar. It’s a three-part answer. It starts off with a problem, then it goes to the solution, and then we go to the benefit, the result of that. And by leading out with the problem, and this is based on the structure of story, when you lead with a problem, people want to know how you’re going to solve that. So think about what’s the problem you solve that your customers are having, what is your solution, and then what is a benefit from that? So I’ll give you my one liner. If somebody comes up to me and says hey Steve, what do you do? I say well, I work with business owners who are trying to grow their business, but they’re overwhelmed or stuck with all the marketing choices. So I help them by putting together a plan of what to do and what to say, and then we execute the plan. And what that does is that leads to a growing business and a lot less stress and anxiety. Now by leading out with a problem, the problem being stuck, overwhelmed, not sure what to do with marketing, the solution, the strategy, execution, and then the result is growth and less anxiety. And that simple combination of words and that structure, I’ve seen this literally, people’s eyes will get big, and well hey, we need to talk. So I would encourage you, think about a problem, the solution, and the benefits. And if you want to go through a one liner with me, I’m more than happy to. Comment below, send me a message on LinkedIn or through my website, and, once you get that, that can go a long way towards helping you win more business and sending fewer people to the exit when you’re at a networking event. Have a great day.


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