Proven Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Business

June 23, 2020 | Weekly Marketing Tip

There are three groups of marketing tactics that you can use to grow your business: drivers, engagers, and converters. Watch this week’s marketing tip to learn how to use them in your business.

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Full Transcript

When it comes to growing your business, there are three buckets of marketing tactics that you can use to win more customers. Hi, my name is Steve Phipps, I’m with Wayfind Marketing, and this is your weekly marketing tip.

Now we’ve been talking about how to create a marketing plan, a marketing roadmap that will grow your business. Well, today I want to talk about three groups of tactics that you can use. These work together, and these follow the customer relationship journey. Now, the very first group of tactics are what we call drivers. And this is going to be tactics that you use to get in front of your audience. Now, think about this in terms of inbound and outbound. Inbound is getting people to you through search engine optimization, paper click advertising, building up a referral network where people are coming to you when they’re searching for a solution. Now, outbound could be things like speaking events, where you go and you give a presentation to an audience of people who are your target audience. Could also be Facebook advertising or LinkedIn advertising, or LinkedIn prospecting, where you’re reaching a target audience, you’re going out to try to reach them with a message that compels them to move. So, you have drivers, so you have both inbound and outbound. Now that’s the first step, that’s where you’re trying to connect and tell people what you do so that they want to move forward to the next step.

Well, the next step we’re moving them from curiosity to enlightenment. So this next step is where we start building trust and credibility, so we call these engagers. These are tactics, this is content that’s building your trust and credibility in their mind. So that’s things like your website, your website is crucial to this. It could be things like blog posts. So we can actually break this into things that are onsite and offsite. So onsite are those things that live on your website. Offsite could be things like social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, content that engages, builds trust and credibility. So we have drivers, inbound and outbound. We have engagers, onsite and offsite.

And then the third category is what we call converters. So here’s where we want to convert and nurture, this is where we’re going to ask our potential customers to take a small step, make a commitment, and what we do is we invite them into our sales funnel by offering them content or something that’s of value which they’re willing to give us their name and email address for. So that could be an infographic, a cheat sheet, a checklist, an ebook, a white paper or webinar, an email series that they would consider valuable enough to give you their email address, and then you start nurturing them with emails.

So those are the three categories, your drivers, engagers, and converters, and when you use those together in combination, you’re going to start winning more business.


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