by Steve Phipps

The Fundamentals of an Effective Marketing Framework

November 8, 2018 | #GetGoing, Marketing

In today’s installment of our #GetGoing campaign, we are taking time to survey the marketing landscape and think through the elements that compose a framework that works. If you are considering igniting or revamping your marketing plan, be sure you take into account the following components.


Steven Covey famously advised his readers to ‘begin with the end in mind.’ Where do you want to take your business in the next 6 – 12 months? What percentage cash flow increase will get you to the next level? How many new leads will you need to close 3 new deals by the end of Q1?

Do you have goals that center around getting more traffic to your website or turning your website into more of a conversion engine? Include those on your overall goals list.

These are the questions you need to answer first. Once you plot your business goals, you can begin mapping out your marketing strategy.


What are your key messages and brand promise? If you cannot articulate this in 30 seconds or less, you are likely missing out on countless opportunities to promote your company, product or service. Knowing who you are and are not is mission-critical to marketing success. In order to clearly communicate what you offer you must be able to articulate it with clarity, passion and conviction; otherwise, your potential new customers may not buy what you’re selling.


Generally speaking, customer personas serve as basic character profiles of the customers or clients you want to attract to your company. Understanding customer personas will help you visualize new and potential leads. When you give your ideal customer a face and a name and understand their unique needs, you gain important insight and can craft messages that speak straight to those needs.  

Market Analysis

The marketplace you position your product or service in will determine your marketing strategy. Who is playing in the field that you are trying to engage? What are they looking for? Is the market already saturated with products or services like yours? What has changed in the market in the last 12-18 months?

Staying knowledgeable about what is happening (or not happening) in the market will ensure you are going to market with a strategy that works.


In 1996, Bill Gates declared that ‘Content is King.’ Mark Zuckerberg was only 12 years old at the time. More than 20 years later and the dominant force on the marketing landscape is content marketing, which is already a multi-billion dollar industry and is only set to continue growing and the average marketing budget devotes around one-third of its budget to content marketing.

Content that converts is content that:

  1. stays authentic to your brand,
  2. adds value to the market,
  3. attracts new business and
  4. ultimately leads to loyal customers.

Of all the components of the marketing landscape, content may be the most important to your marketing framework.

Customer Care

Most realtors I know will agree that the lion’s share of their business relies on referrals. Great referrals are the direct result of exceptional customer care. Checking in and following through with existing clients very often, if not always, leads to new business via referrals. Keeping your existing base happy solidifies your brand promise and propels you further than you can ever go without your team of satisfied customers — who can quite literally become the marketing wind in your sails (and sales) (<— see what we did there 🙂 )

If you aren’t sure how to build your own marketing framework, we can help. Contact us today to learn more!

by Steve Phipps

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