Two Factors to Win Your Customer’s Trust & Business

June 9, 2020 | Weekly Marketing Tip

If you don’t win your customer’s trust, you won’t win their business. Here are two critical factors that are easily missed. Watch this week’s marketing tip and start earning more trust and sales.

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Full Transcript

I’m going to assume that you’ve heard the expression that we want to do business with people that we know, we like, and we trust. Well, there are two factors that are tremendously important and if you get them right, as it relates to know, like, and trust, it can win you more business.

Hi, my name is Steve Phipps. I’m with Wayfind Marketing and this is your weekly marketing tip. Now, there are two factors when we think about your marketing, your sales activity as you try to build rapport with your audience and you’re trying to get them to know you, to like you, to trust you. Well, there are two things that are essential to consider. Number one is timing. Now timing matters because a lot of times our marketing message reaches an audience that’s not ready to buy. Now some people are, and we’re obviously trying to reach those individuals who, right now, are ready for our product or service. However, there are a number who are not. And so, you want to make sure that your marketing accounts not just for the people that are ready today or tomorrow, but the folks that’ll be ready in three months, or six months, or 12 months.

And you know another thing to consider is it takes people time, so that’s number two is it takes people time to build trust. Now, we’re all different and we all have different experiences that influence how quickly we begin to trust a person, or a brand, or a product, or a solution. And so, as you’re thinking about your marketing activity, one, keep in mind timing. You’re reaching some people that are ready now, you’re reaching some people who aren’t. And the other is is your marketing over the course of time building trust and credibility? Do you have tactics in place that let you stay in front of folks who are qualified but again, the timing’s not right? Do you have things like some of sort on-going email campaign that continues to build trust and credibility? Are you consistently posting on LinkedIn and Facebook and whatever social channels are relevant for your audience to stay in front of them to, over the course of time, build trust and credibility?

So, as you’re working on the marketing plans, you’re thinking about your activity, remember those two things, timing and time, because that can give a lot of context and a lot of direction to your marketing. It can lead to winning more customers.


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