Ep. 10: Win More Leads with These Three Things | Wayfind Marketing Live

April 24, 2020 | Wayfind Marketing Live, Website

Good marketing should result in leads that become customers, but we often see marketing efforts fall short of producing the expected results. The good news? There’s a simple way to fix it.

If you do want more leads, here’s an effective way to do it: add a lead generation campaign to your site. What does that look like? Essentially it is something you offer on your website (e.g., a downloadable resource) that your site visitors will find valuable enough to give you their email address in exchange for. Now you get to send them helpful emails that are written to answer questions, provide value, and invite them to take the next step toward becoming your customer.

Here are three parts of the lead generation campaign that we talk about in this episode of Wayfind Marketing Live:

  1. The lead generator—a downloadable guide, checklist, cheat sheet, infographic; perhaps a webinar or other event; there are a gazillion different lead generators that work well
  2. The nurture emails—these emails slowly “drip” out and are designed to build trust and credibility over time; this could be weekly tips, a weekly blog post, or other useful content that gets sent out with some regularity; very soft sell
  3. The sales emails—these emails take a bolder (but not pushy) approach and invite the person to take the next step in the sales process; this campaign usually entails 5-7 emails sent over the span of a few weeks

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Wayfind Marketing Live is hosted by Steve Phipps and AnnieLaurie Walters. Steve is the founder and president of Wayfind Marketing and a StoryBrand Certified Guide. He shares his years of experience guiding business owners by sharing simple and practical marketing tips and stories that will help you grow your business. AnnieLaurie brings her communications and PR experience to offer additional insights into how you can communicate more clearly and win more customers.

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